Endeavour Community Relations

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Community Health Audits – Knowing Your Community

Get to know your local community better, and learn to make the most of your school’s relationship with it, through an Endeavour Community Health Audit. Read More

Community Relations Marketing Plans – Engagement & Promotion

Learn to capitalise on your relationships with local churches and community groups, and establish marketing intiatives that really work! Read More

Fresh Eyes – Visual Image Audits

How does your school look, in the eyes of your community? What messages are you sending through your website, brochures, signage, and visual presentation? Find out with a Visual Image Audit. Read More

Heads Up – Enrolment Process Reviews

Are you losing potential students through a poor enrolment procedure? Our enrolment review and Heads Up report will show you how to improve your enrolments. Read More

Hitting the Mark – Promotional Strategies Review & Marketing

Tired of haphazard and piecemeal promotions that don’t make much difference? Our Promotional Strategies Review will help you refine the direction of your marketing. Read More

Building Blocks of the Future – Fundraising & Development Strategies

If you struggle to come up with effective, long-term and meaningful fundraising initiatives, our “Building Blocks of the Future” program can help. Read More

Endeavour For A Day – Consulting that comes to you

If you’re keen to improve a lot of your marketing and community relations initiatives, but don’t know where to start, why not try Endeavour For A Day. Our consultant comes to you. Read More